C. Rewrite 16 16 as 42 4 2. The square root of 9 is 3 because 3 2 = 9. . Combine the square roots under 1 radicand.

Square root of 32 minus square root of 2

The square root of 2 is 1.

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    The cube root of x is given by the formula: cube root = 3 √ x. Square Root.

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    2. To take the square root of a number, press [2ND] (the secondary function key) and then [√ ] (the radical symbol key which is used to take the square root of a number) and then the number that you want to find the square root of and then the [ENTER] key.

In other words, it is defined by √(x.

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Calculate square root. Step 3. Notice that it isn't √4. Square Root.

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77245385102. . Example: To find the square root of 2, push: [2ND] [√ ] 2 [ENTER] This will give you the answer of:.

Free Radicals Calculator - Simplify radical expressions using algebraic rules step-by-step.